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About Us

Simplicity! Integrity! Passion! BookRabbit is a community of non-fiction book readers. We are one of the rare community oriented website with a dedicated focus on self help books catering health, nutrition and motivation/leadership.

Our Mission

With our Editorial section, we intend to publish the most useful content related to self help and self help books. With the forum section our goal is to fester casual but targeted discussions on self help topics and be a place where readers can not only talk about self help books, but also share knowledge, learn life changing skills and be better.

Meet the Team

Our strength is our community who collectively contribute on the forums. But the 2 most dedicated management members are:

Vijay Janardhanan: Founder and Editor in Chief

My name is Vijay Janardhanan. As the editor in chief, I’m responsible for majority of the Editorial content in the Articles section. I am a software engineer and a serial entrepreneur with a deep love for reading.

From a very young age, I was more interested in non-fiction content that help add value to our lives. As such I prefered documentries and self help books and watched and read thousands, over the past 2 decades. This meant I self taught myself number of subjects that were out of the scope of my college education.

My love for reading and acquiring knowledge meant that I collected number of diplomas. I have a diploma in journalism and love to write and develop websites. I have special interest in researching about nutrition and health and so completed Diplomas in Nursing and Human Nutrition.

Additionally, I have experience in documenting cancer research papers and simplifying clinical studies for the masses. Currently working with 2 Nutrition Scientists on a book that aims to simplify the documented clinical studies on health & nutrition and give actionable quick options to readers who want to improve their health.


As Editor in Chief, I have set down certain ground rules for In the Editorial(Articles) section, we do not recommend, review or mention books that we haven't read or one of our trusted staff or members haven't read either. We do not accept gifts or money in return for good reviews. We only link to the books we like and recommend. Our Editorial content is unbiased. In the forum section, we moderate the tone and focus of the discussions, but do not influence or tamper with opinions of members. Disclosure

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