The Penis Enlargement Bible Personal Experience

Penis enlargement is a tricky topic isn’t it. Lot of people don’t believe it is possible. We don’t personally review such books or programs on bookrabbit normally – but after actually experiencing some results with John Colling’s PE Bible myself, I have decided to talk about this program and I am doing this with great responsibility as admin of a community website like ours.

My Results

Anyways, let me reveal my results at the outset. I have always been about average in size, little less than 6”. I have been doing the routines as per the pe bible program for little over 5 months and I have grown little under 1.5” in length and a girth of 0.7”.

Hopefully this result I mentioned is not an anticlimax. Were you expecting 2” to 4” like mentioned in the sales page. I didn’t get that, I can’t imagine how someone can grow 4”. That’s probably hype, or maybe the outliers who worked extra hard.

Anyways, despite the modest growth, I thought a penis that is longer by 1”(more than 15%) is not a small matter, but more so, what I really like is, how much improved my erections are after followin the guides. My erections are now literally rock hard (could be partly why I look decidedly bigger?).

The Average Male Penis

As per the studies conducted over the years, the average erect penis is on average about 5.5″ in length and 4.5″ in girth. Have a look at the percentile scores charted using various studies conducted across the globe.

As you can see from the data above. That a 7″ penis has a 93.4 percentile score. Meaning only 6.6% of men are expected to be 7″ or over. This means if you currently have an average penis, you can possibly be in the elite BIG group if you follow and practice the instructions on the PE Bible guide

The Female Satisfaction Chart

Below lets have a look at the female satisfaction chart wrt penis sizes.

Most average guys will fall short it appears. Anything below 5″ length and below 4″ circumference is apparently not satisfying for women. Satisfaction only begins with penis over 5.5″ length and about 4.5″ girth. Perfect penis is one that is approaching 7″ and a little over that 

Most men would be around 5.5″ and with a little bit of effort can near 7″ with a little dedication and will power.

How the PE Bible program can help?

The PE Bible guide offers a structured exercise program with drawings and videos(in the advanced program) that would stimulate the penis to get a little longer. You dont have to spend hours with the routines – just 10-15 minutes a day.

There are also supplements recommended that’s geared to improve blood flow and provide certain enzymes and bio-markers mostly found in the human body only during puberty. I thought that was a neat angle and kudos to the author for tackling penile health both biologically and physically! The author’s research is interesting.

Does the Penis Enlargement Bible work?

Overall, the course delivers. It should help men increase 1″ or a little more and also add some girth. Plus, the exercises listed also vastly improves blood circulation in the penis leading to better erections.

This program could be very useful for men suffering mild to severe erectile dysfunction. Just remember to get the advanced video guides that are sold as upsells after you buy the Penis Enlargement Bible. If you are interested, you can avail the best price on the PE Bible here

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