American Girl The Care and Keeping of You Body Book 1

4.1/5, 4.1 from 15 reviews
Valorie Schaefer, Josee Masse (Illustrator), Cara Natterson (Medical Consultant)
1609580834 (ISBN13: 9781609580834)
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  1. laverne
    Charismatic book for teenagers
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Oct 7, 2018
    I must say the book is very comprehensive and it is written in such a way that girls can easily relate to the contents of the book and understand their bodies. The book touches upon almost all aspects of the body which a girl should take care of.

    There are chapters on taking care of hair, washing it, brushing it and everything that should be taken care of.

    I bought this book for my daughter but I read it before I gave it to her and I learnt about many things; you would be surprised to know that even as an adult, there are things about your body which you may not be aware of.

    I again read this book along with my daughter and it was interesting to see her reactions to many things that were mentioned in the book. There were things that she thought was gross but once she got over those feelings, she would go back to the book and I could see that she was opening up quite well to the discussions on her body and what she needs to expect from them.