Be The Best You Can Be Book

4.1/5, 4.1 from 10 reviews
Michael B
1478122315 (ISBN13: 978-1478122319)
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  1. Kirk
    A short read, but very inspiring
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Aug 15, 2018
    Michael B.’s Be The Best You Can Be is not your usual book. The book is a quick read, may be too short for my liking. But then this is not your typical book. It is more like a friend who is narrating his fight against a deadly disease with us. The story flows like a river and takes you along with it. Michael B.’s suffering and staying positive despite the cruel joke life played on him is something that everybody should read. Simply put, it is inspiring. I loved the fact that he does not crib about the disease.

    Truth be told, if he had not explained the occasional near-death situations, then one would have never known that Mike had this terrible disease. The book is highly entertaining and recommended for everybody.