Cure for the Common Life by Max Lucado

3.7/5, 3.7 from 13 reviews
Max Lucado
0849900085 (ISBN13: 9780849900082)
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Finding and living in your sweet spot

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  1. goldie
    My first non-fictional book; loved it!
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Oct 17, 2018
    I read a lot but I mostly prefer to read only fiction. It might be hard to believe if I say that this book is my first non-fictional book, but that’s the truth!

    The synopsis behind the book is what motivated me to pick it off the shelf and buy a copy for myself. I knew myself really well and I even knew that reading something that is not fiction was definitely not my cup of tea and I will have to put in some conscious discipline to read this particular piece. But I made that effort and I am glad I did.

    I must say the author is highly gifted with words and he could be the perfect example for the saying, “The pen is mightier than the sword”. He has created magic with words and the illustrations and anecdotes that he chose to use in this book is apt in every way and the manner in which he puts his points across are very inspirational and can move mountains.
  2. kelley
    Best inspirational book ever
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Sep 30, 2018
    If someone asks me to describe the author in one line, this is what I would say – The best ever devotional and inspirational writer. This guy can give you a different perspective to various aspects of life.

    After I read his book, I started seeing this world and my life through different coloured lenses. It has also helped me sort out various things that keeps going on in my head and made it all crystal clear to me.

    The manner in which Max brings about the scriptures of the bible into our day to day life is definitely worth mentioning. I was never much into all these religious aspects but the author has forced me to changed my way of thinking and include the word of god in my every day moments.

    I can say with total confidence that this book has changed me for the better.
  3. olive
    4.5/5, 4.5 out of 5, reviewed Sep 24, 2018
    I was never someone who believed in all these conventional things and traditions that did not have a back up reason to me. I shunned them all the time.

    When I picked this book, I never thought the contents of the book would challenge conventional wisdom with Biblical truth. But the author seems to have taken a risk and I must say it has paid off really well.

    If you are someone like me who firmly believes that you can do if you train your mind to do it, then you should most certainly read this book. It could encourage you and keep you motivated.
  4. elvira
    A rich read
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Sep 15, 2018
    I love the way in which he backs up the things he says in the book. There is a rich usage of Biblical scriptures and it is done in a way where a person doesn’t feel it to be dry and get bored easily.

    I am happy that I read this book and I have all intentions to read it again whenever I have the time so that I can absorb more points the author has written and implement it in my daily life.

    On the whole, the book is too good and I would highly definitely recommend reading it at least once in a lifetime. It could be that thing which brings about a good change in you. So, please don’t miss it for your life.
  5. cecelia
    Love the author and the book
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Sep 10, 2018
    Before I start off, let me tell you that I love the author Max Lucado and I love the way he writes his books. But this one out here was clearly not as impressive as his other books.

    I had a lot of expectations from this book and it could hardly fulfill them. I would call it a bad book because it has some of the most excellent messages in it that I have ever come across.

    In fact, I love this part when he says God has a concrete plan for all of us and each one of us have a definite purpose in life; all we need to do is walk on the path that God shows and figure out our purpose in life so that we can end up living in our sweet spot.

    This book was meant to encourage people to do things in the above mentioned way but in my case, it did not inspire me enough or I would say it did not do as much as I needed or I expected it to do.
  6. gretchen
    Thank you pastor
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Aug 31, 2018
    I started reading Max Lucado’s books after my pastor advised me to do so. And once I started off, there was no looking back. As of now, I am totally into his books and I can read them at any given time.

    I am more than grateful to my pastor for suggesting this book to me. I don’t think if he wouldn’t have recommended I would have even taken a look at this book. So, major credits for the changes this book brought about in me, definitely goes to him after the author.

    The author has defined and explained the purpose that God has for us during our life on earth. It makes one understand that all are equal in the eyes of God and none of us are here to lead a boring non-fruitful life.

    He goes on to say that if we look around, we can see the distinctive skills which he has bestowed upon us so that we can make use of them in our daily life and help people around us, thereby helping ourselves too.

    The book is so well written yet simple and easy to understand that I have not found anyone who cannot make out what is written in the book or relate to it.
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Aug 23, 2018
    There is nothing about the author’s style of writing or the things written in it that I can complain of; it is excellent and charming encouraging people to lead a life of purpose.

    If my statement makes you wonder, “why the three stars”, the reason is here, IT IS A SELF HELP BOOK SOLELY FOR CHRISTIANS which is something I never expected from the author or the book to be and it is for those devout Christians who have their fair share of knowledge about the bible.

    But on the other hand he has some really great insights and it could definitely help those Christians who have lost their direction of life and are in pursuit of the same. It is a great piece for those who are seeking God.

    Something else, that I did not like about the book was constant repetition of points. He has repeated things over and over again so much that I felt it is only necessary to read half of the book to absorb all the contents written in the book.

    So, given all these reasons, it was definitely not something that I was looking for or could fulfill my expectations.
    One delightful read
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Aug 20, 2018
    I have not come across such a delightful read in a very long time and I plan on reading it again after a few years. The author’s principles are bang on and totally penetrating.

    The book is entertaining because the author has some lovely anecdotes and use of good humor in place. There were a lot many times when the way the points were written in this book made me laugh my heart out. So, kudos to that!

    Moreover, the book contains an interactive questionnaire at the end which took me by a pleasant surprise because it answered all that I wanted to ask the author.

    This book is a must for anyone like me who wants to bring about a change, be it a small one, in this world through his/her actions.
    Reignited my passion
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Aug 15, 2018
    This book has definitely stood steady in the test of time. I have always wondered where did all of those childhood dreams and passions vanish as I grew up; if you too keep wondering about your passions on the same lines, this book is your perfect pick.

    In my case, the book influenced me to an extent where it made me question the work I was doing at present and why I was doing it despite the fact that I did not live doing it at all and the answers that I was searching for came deep from within which helped me re-center my position in life.

    So, this book was a life changer in my case and it could be for you too.
  10. HUGO
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Aug 11, 2018
    One among all the outstanding books that I have read. I totally loved it and something that I liked a lot about the book was it has very short sentences that makes it really easy to read, assimilate what the author wants to convey and remember the whole thing so that you can apply it to your real life situations whenever needed.

    This book has indeed inspired me to look within for answers and to be confident in the God who is my creator. It has made me believe firmly that God has plans not to destroy me but to make my life better. That has given me the strength to cope with unpleasant situations with courage and wait for them to pass.
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Aug 7, 2018
    The book swept me off my feet and it impressed me to extent where I have a few excerpts from the book written in a chit of paper and I keep referring it during times of trials.

    Let me share them with you:

    God. He knew young Israel would need a code, so he gave Moses a love for the law. He knew the doctrine of grace would need a fiery advocate, so he set Paul ablaze. And in your case, he knew what your generation would need and gave it. He designed you. And his design defines your destiny. Remember Peter's admonition? "If anyone ministers, let him do it as with the ability which God supplies".

    Greed comes in many forms. Greed for approval. Greed for applause. Greed for status. Greed for the best office, the fastest car, the prettiest date. Greed has many faces, but speaks one language: the language of more.

    Success is not defined by position or pay scale but by this: doing the most what you do the best.

    Life assignments: "Go to your place. Dispatch your abilities, and unfurl my goodness." Most refuse. Few cooperate. We accept the present, but neglect its purpose. We accept the gift, thank you, but ignore the Giver and promote self.

    David rejected the Armor, selected the stones, lobotomized the giant, and taught us a powerful lesson: what fits others might not fit you. Indeed, what fits the king might not fit you. Just because someone hands you Armor, you don't have to wear it. Just because someone gives you advice, a job, or a promotion, you don't have to accept it. Let your uniqueness define your path of life. "You, the Lord, give perfect peace to those who keep their purpose firm and put their trust in you"

    There are a few thought provoking and bold thoughts that this book contains and I make sure I keep it with me at all times.
  12. DARREL
    Please don’t read this crap
    1/5, 1 out of 5, reviewed Jul 27, 2018
    I had heard so many good things about this book and I bought it I dunno expecting what but I had some very high expectations but this book could not fulfil even one of them.

    I would never let anyone read this book and waste their precious time on it. The illustrations are horrible and convey nothing and if you take one chapter at a time, it has got one simple idea that can be explained in a single easily understandable sentence and finished off but this guy he has stretched in to an entire chapter.

    What I cant believe is the guy ended up depicting Christ as a complete rebel in one of his illustrations who acted against his father in order to support us human sinners.

    The guy encourages people to do so many silly things that could set them up for failure.
    Learnt how to love myself
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Jul 25, 2018
    How many of us think of living in our in sweet spot so that we can do things effortlessly and enjoy our life to the maximum??? In this book, that is exactly what the author urges us to do; to live in our sweetest spot and enjoy our life.

    The author teaches us how we can love ourselves and be unique so that we stand out because as he says God has made each one unique in a different way.

    I enjoyed reading this book and I genuinely learnt how to love myself and find my calling; the one that God wants me to do. I no longer feel jealous about what others accomplish and focus solely on what I can do to make my contribution to the society and one that gives me some inner peace and satisfaction.

    I now firmly believe that ever single person has a purpose in life and one simply needs to find what it is and work towards it.

Book Summary

  1. It's only Sunday and you're already dreading Monday. You spend 50+ hours at a job you hate andcome home too exhausted to pursue anything other than reality TV. You are not alone: 87 percent of workers don't find meaning at work and 80 percent believe their talents are unused. The resulting attitude impacts health, relationships, and a fundamental sense of happiness, but best-selling author Max Lucado has a cure - Finding and living in your sweet spot.

    In his winsome, encouraging voice, Max gives practical tools to explore your uniqueness, find motivation to put it to work, and get perspective to redefine your concept of work. It's never too late to uncover strengths, discover God's will, and cure the otherwise hopeless prognosis of a common life.

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