Eat Fat Get Thin by Mark Hyman

3.8/5, 3.8 from 13 reviews
  1. Alejandro
    Good Fat vs Bad Fat
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Sep 21, 2018
    I bought this book when I was waiting at the airport lounge 6 months back. I was fat and I was desperately looking for ways to shed those extra pounds. I am not at all a book person but I think weight loss had gotten so much into my brain that when I read Eat Fat Get Thin, I definitely wanted to buy the book.

    So, I bought my copy, found myself a seat and immediately started reading the book. That’s when I realized how wrongly I had approached the whole process of dieting. Now it made sense to me why I found dieting so boring but still did it for the sake of doing it without any permanent results.

    So, the book emphasizes on the fact that it is not the fats that are bad and causing you to gain weight; the real culprits are sugar and those heavy empty carbohydrates that we have almost every day.

    So, the next time you are having a slice of cheese and someone tell you that you are eating fat and you will get far; no need to be worried for they are wrong.

    By the way, the book helped me lose 15kilos of excess weight in 4 months in the healthiest manner I have ever seen.