Eat Fat Get Thin by Mark Hyman

3.8/5, 3.8 from 13 reviews
  1. Gerard
    Well researched book
    4.5/5, 4.5 out of 5, reviewed Sep 12, 2018
    Eat fat Get Thin is a very well researched book in my opinion about how and what made us demonize even the good fats available all around us like in nuts, eggs, avocados, lean meat etc. It was because of this book that I got to know how terrible and ignorant dietary advice we give one another thinking we know everything about diet.

    For me, till I read the book, dieting would bring to my mind a picture of the typical salad bowl. I bet many of us would have thought the same way but this book tells you that it is not and they are speaking the fricking TRUTH!

    Kudos to them for being an eye opener!