Extreme Transformation: Lifelong Weight Loss in 21 Days

3/5, 3 from 11 reviews
Chris Powell & Heidi Powell
0316339504 (ISBN13: 978-0316339506)
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  1. Mike Adamle
    A great book for beginners
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Sep 11, 2018
    I am a regular watcher of Extreme Transformation, so when I heard that Powells are launching a book based on the TV show, I did not waste any time and got my copy. I love the way the Powells look after each contestant (talking about the show), and I am sure it would be the same in the book. I am neither a fitness freak nor want to lose tons and tons of weight. I am just an average Joe who would like to stay fit and lose some of the unwanted fat that has popped up around my waist.

    What attracted me to this book is the details. The way each stage and day was discussed is what beginners like me would need. Beginners need handholding when it comes to deciding on what to eat and what to avoid, what type of exercises has to be done etc. and this book does that.

    I have to add that if you are already into some serious exercise routines, then this book is not ideal for you.