Extreme Transformation: Lifelong Weight Loss in 21 Days

3/5, 3 from 11 reviews
Chris Powell & Heidi Powell
0316339504 (ISBN13: 978-0316339506)
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  1. Flyswat
    It is worth a read
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Sep 28, 2018
    I have seen Extreme Transformation show on the telly and loved the way the Powells help the contestants to achieve their desired goals. Hoping that the same thing would be reflected in the book, I went ahead and bought a copy. My initial reaction was WOW!!!! The book had a lot of content, some well thought out diet and exercise plans and an overall feel-good factor. I was happy with the common-sense approach of the Powells when it came to exercises and diet. The day-wise approach also made sense.

    However, after a detailed read, there are some things which I liked a lot and some which I would like to change. The things that I loved a lot:
    • Things are not sugar-coated. Heidi and Chris are blunt when it comes to saying things, maybe “straightforward” would be the ideal word.
    • The book looks to address the physiological and psychological issues which often accompanies the weight loss.
    • Chapters on maintaining the weight as well as dealing with failures. Diet books generally show how to lose weight, but very rarely show how to maintain the physique that one gets after losing the weight. The authors’ book falls into the latter category.
    Things I want to change:
    • Using childish words like "peeps." We are talking about grown-ups so the cutey-cutey words can be thrashed into the bin.
    • Need more clarity on planning own recipes that could fit into the carb structure. The calorie chart only speaks about general calorie counts, and if one wants to make a mixed dish, then the person would have a horrid time in finding an accurate calorie count.
    • Need long-term workout plans. The book does have workout plans that would fit into the 21-day scheme of things. After that, what does one do? The authors should have added a few long-term workout plans.
    All in all, a book worth reading.