Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers

3.1/5, 3.1 from 12 reviews
Susan Jeffers
0449902927 (ISBN13: 9780449902929)
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  1. Harvey
    book gets derailed after initial chapters
    2/5, 2 out of 5, reviewed Sep 12, 2018
    I had downloaded this e-book as I was looking for a fresh beginning after undergoing a traumatic divorce and I was keen that I have a life of dignity for myself and my children. To help me in this endeavor, my father suggested this book.

    As I started reading the book, I felt the initial chapters were excellent and the content got me hooked. But by the time I reached the middle portion of the book, I felt that the stuff was getting repeated, and some ideas and topics felt half-baked and not thoroughly thought out.

    In the end, I decided to avoid it and start living in the real world and fight for my survival. They say time is the best healer and life is the best teacher. Well, it certainly has been for me.