Fit For Life Diet Plan Book by harvey diamond

3/5, 3 from 13 reviews
Harvey Diamond & Marilyn Diamond
0446300152 (ISBN13: 9780446300155)
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  1. Calvin
    interesting concept
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Sep 4, 2018
    I was never a big fan of diet books and was least interested in reading a diet book when my wife gave this book to me. Fit for Life has many interesting concepts. I felt some of the things mentioned were very odd and was perplexed when I first read that combining two food items or not combing them would result in better digestion. It made sense, but I was still not clear. But things started becoming clear as I read on. The book talked about acidic food and alkaline foods and how each requires a special environment for better digestion. So if you combine acidic food and alkaline food and eat it, then it would not be digested that easily. Reading this book transported me back to chemistry classes during childhood days. It now makes sense to me as to why I have a bloated and heavy feeling after I eat a meal of mashed potatoes and meat. It also demolishes the statement “eat more proteins.”

    Now the part that I did not like about the book. Some of the techniques mentioned in the book are tough to implement, and I have apprehension that I might not be able to follow the plan to the "T." That said, I am following some principles given in the book, and I am noticing the changes in my body and an increased amount of energy.

    In short, a good book with some interesting recipes that is a bit difficult to follow, but certainly worth a try.