Fit For Life Diet Plan Book by harvey diamond

3/5, 3 from 13 reviews
Harvey Diamond & Marilyn Diamond
0446300152 (ISBN13: 9780446300155)
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  1. Francisco
    Excellent Book, gave a good insight into how we should we eat
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Jul 27, 2018
    My story on how I got this book is fascinating. I was reading a book which I bought after a coworker told me about it when she came to know that I am looking for books that suggested ideas about lifestyle changes as well as colon health. I started reading that book and came across a reference about this book. I made a note about “Fit for Life” and forgot about it. While spring cleaning my house, I came across the piece of paper where I had written the name of this book.

    After procrastinating for quite some time, I went ahead and bit the bullet. I bought the book and am I glad. This book is perfect for a person having a lot of digestive issues. It talks about which food is good for your guts. I was eating healthy food but was not combining the ingredients properly. As I continued reading the book, I started consciously implementing the program mentioned and immediately noticed increased energy and loss of inches from waistline after a month or so. Yes, preparing the menus mentioned is a tedious task, but I never prepared the menu, just followed the simple things mentioned in the book which took less time. An excellent read would recommend this book to everyone.