Health and Wholeness Through the Holy Communion

3.7/5, 3.7 from 10 reviews
Joseph Prince
9810551843 (ISBN13: 978-9810551841)
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  1. Awesome angel
    Won’t recommend this book to anyone
    2/5, 2 out of 5, reviewed Sep 25, 2018
    Everyone talks about Holy Communion, but do we really understand what Holy Communion is. I do not think so. I am sure even Joseph Prince does not have a clear idea about it. But that is the story for a later date.

    Coming to the book, the author tells us that Lord’s Supper is for our health and wellness. Through three chapters, the author tries to convey that Lord Supper is a means of attaining blessing for devout Christians.

    The book relies heavily on Prince’s past experience while partaking Holy Communion. The author suggests that he, in the past, rarely took it in an unworthy manner and he, at times, even skipped it. However, Prince does not want Christians to live in such fear, rather requests Christians to embrace it. According to Prince, the drinking Christ’s blood would cleanse us and eating the bread would help us attain a good health. He uses Mark 7:26-28 to buttress his point. Prince also includes in his book testimonies of people who had miraculous healing through the Lord’s Supper.

    Though a noble thought, and written in a style that is engaging and understandable, I would disagree with what Joseph Prince says. I feel that Prince does not have a clear understanding of Lord’s Supper. Though he wants us to believe that health and wholeness is linked to it, I could not find evidence that directly correlates both. I would not recommend this book to anyone.