Lose Weight Without Dieting or Working Out by JJ Smith

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JJ Smith
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  1. Seconds Of kisses
    Not at all convinced by the book
    1/5, 1 out of 5, reviewed Sep 16, 2018
    When I first heard that a book that tells us how to lose weight without dieting or exercising was available in a public library near me, I was like “Wow. This is great. I have to check it out.”

    I went ahead, loaned it and read it. Before telling what I felt about this book, I would like to say what the book talks about. The book has been divided into four parts with each section covering different aspects of dieting.

    The first part talks about:

    • How we end up getting unhealthy and overweight
    • The main reasons for a diet failing
    • Why does exercise not show any results
    • The dangers involved with sugar addiction
    • The role played by toxins in our body

    The second part of the book talks about crucial steps in attaining permanent weight loss:

    • Ridding the body of the toxins
    • Correcting hormonal imbalance
    • Increasing the metabolism rate
    • Eating foods which will help in making a person thin
    • Avoiding foods that tend to make a person fat

    The third part of the book talks about DHEMM System:

    • D – Cutting out sugar, caffeine, white carbs, dairy, animal proteins, and alcohol for initial 21 days. The author also talks about drinking lemonade for a period of ten days to help the body detox
    • H – Hormonal Balance
    • E – Eat clean
    • M – Mastery over the mind
    • M – Increasing the amount of physical activity

    The fourth part of the book talks about women issues only. It also includes many success stories as well as few recipes.

    Now my opinion on this book – it is a big letdown. The author talks about various theories but backs it up with articles and studies that are dated. In addition, the author also quotes many articles, studies, but fails to provide the source of this information. Now that makes me wonder if the author is cooking up stuff. I would have given her a benefit of doubt even if some credible source was presented.

    Another thing which pissed me off was the title of the book. J.J. Smith mentions in her title not to exercise as I think she believes that it is not essential for weight loss. However, as one starts reading the book, she talks about various activities that are physical. In the real world, riding a bike around and cutting grass without mechanical instruments are considered as exercising.

    Frankly, there was nothing new to learn from this book. It was such a waste of time and energy. The only thing that I liked about this book is that it reminds us what type of foods should be avoided. Whether JJ Smith wants to accept it or not, this book falls under the category of exercise and diet book.

    I have been eating healthy and have lost nearly two stones and live a happy life. There are much better books out there that would help in detoxing and losing weight than this crap.