Lose Weight Without Dieting or Working Out by JJ Smith

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JJ Smith
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  1. Honey Bell
    This is an exciting read
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Nov 11, 2018
    JJ Smith’s Lose Weight Without Dieting or Working Out is an exciting read. I was able to complete this book within ten days. What attracted me to this book was the DEM system. It excited me and motivated me to start working on losing my weight. More than a weight loss system, I felt it was a tool to make significant lifestyle changes, changes which would be permanent.

    Once I decided to start working on losing weight, I spent another few days in preparing myself for DEM. I just wanted to ensure that I have no excuse or regret for not giving my best. Along with the book, I got all the necessary supplements as I did not want to run around once I start the diet. While other things like fish oil, green tea, etc. can be purchased from your local grocery store, the chances of finding particular supplements in nearby stores are rare ( even if the authors wants us to believe it).

    The toughest part in DEM system is detoxing and cleansing one’s body of all the unwanted toxins. However, it is not impossible. DEM showed me a new method of eating something which has stayed with me till now. Thanks to the DEM, I was able to lose nearly 50 pounds and nearly eight inches from my waist. People are also complementing on my looks and my clear skin. Thanks to JJ, I am now healthy and looking forward to each day. As I said earlier, DEM is not just about diet or cleansing or detoxing; it is about changing the way we live our lives. In other words, it is a lifestyle change.