The Anxiety and Worry Workbook

3.8/5, 3.8 from 10 reviews
The Cognitive Behavioral Solution
  1. Lowell
    Do not miss this book
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Oct 12, 2018
    I am a cognitive behaviour therapist and I have specialized in anxiety disorders and I very often recommend The Anxiety and Worry workbook to my those patients who I think undergo panic attacks, get excessively worried, and have general or social anxiety due to various reasons.

    This particular book is an advanced version and helpful to those who have already read its basic version or for those patients who have a rough idea what CBT is all about.

    This book strongly emphasis on cognitive skills in order to help you change your thinking about being anxious. It makes you learn to access unpleasant situations in a much more realistic manner and increase your ability to cope with those situations that make you really anxious.

    In my opinion, this is an amazing workbook and if one can manage to do all the exercises mentioned in it, one will definitely be gifted with new skills to manage anxiety and worry.