The Easy Way To Stop Smoking Book by Allen Carr

3.4/5, 3.4 from 10 reviews
Allen Carr
1402771630 (ISBN-13: 978-1402771637)
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  1. Kurt
    Have read much better books to quit smoking
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Sep 3, 2018
    I feel Carr’s The Easy Way to Stop Smoking is a reproduction of “The Will Power Method" with a little more gloss on it. One has to know the mental state of a smoker before you can even think of preaching them to stop. If they have the willpower, then a smoker can do anything, even cold turkey. If not, then nothing is going to help.

    Coming to the book itself, I think it is atrociously written, and very patronizing and not up to the mark. One can go for many other books if they want help to quit smoking.