The Engine 2 Seven-Day Rescue Diet

3.3/5, 3.3 from 12 reviews
Rip Esselstyn
1455591173 (ISBN13: 978-1455591176)
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  1. Cute Insider
    an okay book
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Oct 31, 2018
    Unless you are new to the whole concept of plant-based food or want to switch to vegetarianism completely, this book is not for you. People new to the idea can try their hands on the book in the company of their friends as this might allow you to do batch cooking and share tips. I have been following a plant-based diet since 2010 and felt this book did not hold anything new for me.

    The main problem with this book apart from the one that is mentioned earlier is that though Esselstyn uses a lot of references, he does not cite them fully, which makes cross-checking a difficult task. The book also has too much emphasis on Engine 2 Brand (can’t blame Rip, after all, he has to make a living) which I felt somewhat irritating.

    I am giving three stars for the lovely recipes that have been mentioned in the book. Loan the book, jot down the recipes and return the book back.