The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science by Kenji Lopez Alt

3.5/5, 3.5 from 12 reviews
Kenji Lopez Alt
0393081087 (ISBN13: 978-0393081084)
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  1. Soberslap
    You have to own this book
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Aug 31, 2018
    If you are planning to start cooking or want to know the finer intricacies of cooking, then this is the book for you. Long story short, you have to own this cookbook.

    J. Kenji López-Alt surely knows what he is doing, and it is reflected in this humongous book (do not know what else to call a book that is over 900 pages). Analyzing cooking as a science, the book does not have a place for “how,” rather it has a place for a detailed “why.”

    The fact that this book can be enjoyed by professional chefs, wannabe chefs and even those who like to read technical matters related to cooking made me fall in love with this book.

    P.S.: I have not eaten a single burnt toast after I got this book and this was back in 2016.