The Joy of Sex Book by Alex Comfort

2.6/5, 2.6 from 14 reviews
  1. Brett
    Not meant for the millennial generation
    1/5, 1 out of 5, reviewed Sep 15, 2018
    I had heard a lot about “The Joy of Sex” from my elders when the new edition was launched. I was the happiest man when the latest edition hit the market. I goaded my friend to buy it (quite selfish of me) and loaned it from him. To say I was disappointed would be an understatement. The book was rehashed in the hope of attracting new and young readers. Sorry dude, this does not work. The book had nothing to offer for my generation.

    The book looked like a dictionary for me; I think an indexed encyclopedia would be a better term. Much less said about writing, the better. At some places, the section would start with a sentence and at some places, a noun phrase. I think if it had gone through the hands of a professional editor, the result would have been much better. One more example of confused writing are the sentences that start with “For Her…” Now whether it means giving advice to her or giving information to man when he is enjoying with his partner is not clear.

    Clearly, not meant for us….