The Lose Your Belly Diet by Travis Stork

2.8/5, 2.8 from 10 reviews
Travis Stork
1939457599 (ISBN13: 978-1939457592)
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Change Your Gut, Change Your Life!
  1. Shrink Sand
    A fresh perspective on healthy eating
    5/5, 5 out of 5, reviewed Sep 18, 2018
    I have always enjoyed healthy eating and hate the word “dieting.” There is nothing called dieting; it is just starving your body of essential nutrients. Yes, you can lose some weight, and if you starve more, then you would lose more weight.

    I am thankful that this book offers a fresh perspective when it comes to eating healthy. I've been taking probiotics for the past ten years, and it has resulted in a tremendous change in my body. I am healthier and very rarely suffer from any bowel disease etc. This book ticks all the boxes. I also liked the mention of kefir and kimchee. It is an acquired taste, but once you get habituated to them, you might not be able to say no to it.