The Lose Your Belly Diet by Travis Stork

2.8/5, 2.8 from 10 reviews
Travis Stork
1939457599 (ISBN13: 978-1939457592)
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  1. Old Regret
    Not worth a read
    1/5, 1 out of 5, reviewed Oct 31, 2018
    Way back in 2016, I had read the first edition of this book and was highly impressed by it. But now when I read it, it comes across as a boring book. Some of the advice and suggestions given in the book are wrong and even bordering dangerous. The antibiotics part was good, but the fixation on Whole Grains was unbelievable. I think Stork loves Whole Wheat. I had read another book called The Doctor’s Diet by the same author, which also focused a lot on whole grains. I think somebody needs to tell the cute doctor that Whole Grains Suck.

    To sum up, a boring book that is not worth a read.