Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out by Timothy Leary

3/5, 3 from 10 reviews
Timothy Leary
1579510094 (ISBN13: 9781579510091)
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  1. Lewis
    No sense in talking about an era gone by
    2/5, 2 out of 5, reviewed Sep 30, 2018
    I had taken Timothy Leary’s Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out as an interlibrary loan, and I am pleased that I did so. The main purpose of taking this book was to impress my girlfriend who had read this book and was very moved by it. When she talked about it, I felt she was coming from a different planet and was speaking the language of aliens. Finally, to shut her up, I ended up taking this book. To be frank, I could not understand anything that was written in it.

    I am not able to understand why people are going back to talking and listening about an era that has gone by and will not come back at all. We all must live in the present and worry about the future and not about the past.

    Coming to my girlfriend, I confided to her that I tried reading the book but could not understand a word of it and have given back the book. She was happy with the fact that I, at least, made an effort to read it. So glad to say, our love is still on track.