Wheat Belly Diet Book by William Davis

3.2/5, 3.2 from 11 reviews
William Davis, MD
1609611543 (ISBN13: 9781609611545)
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  1. Bradley
    a good book
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Aug 3, 2018
    My first reaction after reading this book -- Mind blowing. I was born and raised in Kansas. My dad was a farmer who grew wheat. So when I first saw this book, I was outraged, and I felt this idiot did not know anything. I was prodded to read this book by my wife, and once I started reading this book, I changed my mind. This book has opened up a whole new world. I do not blame the farmers who are toiling very hard for providing food on our table. I blame the corporates who have genetically mutated the genes so that they get more yield. No wonder that the country is facing higher incidences of obesity, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases to name a few. I appreciate the efforts put in by Dr. William Davis to make us understand the negative impacts of gorging on wheat.