Wheat Belly Diet Book by William Davis

3.2/5, 3.2 from 11 reviews
William Davis, MD
1609611543 (ISBN13: 9781609611545)
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  1. Danny
    Interesting points in an otherwise dull book
    2.5/5, 2.5 out of 5, reviewed Sep 8, 2018
    Though I do not wholeheartedly support the premise of Dr. William Davis’ book that blames gluten for all the ills that are plaguing modern man, there can be some grain of truth in it. The author is so confident about this that he even tags along with his cardiology practice into it. Yes, there can be a correlation between eating more gluten and diseases, but that does not mean that we cut gluten out completely. The author does not even suggest any other substitute. This book would be useful for those who are worried about the increased presence of gluten in their diet and those suffering from diabetics and other dietary challenges.