You Can Heal Your Life Book by Louise Hay

3.4/5, 3.4 from 10 reviews
Louise Hay
8176210773 (ISBN13: 9788176210775)
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    Not worth a read! Never!
    1/5, 1 out of 5, reviewed Sep 12, 2018
    I have not read this book but I definitely do know about various incidents where in the author’s comments have demoralized people to the core and I have heard from a few of my friends who rea the book tell me that the same is the case with this book of hers too.

    She once told a group of dying people that they are dying because if their fault, because they didn’t love themselves enough it seems. So she means to say that if you love yourselves enough, you might probably never get sick.

    Now when someone says such things, they are driving out all kinds of science and logic that is there in every little thing. People embrace this book while they look around for some kind of hope and all it does is disrespect their feelings and make a mockery out of the whole thing.