The Lost Book of Remedies Book Review

Just to make sure that you understand the purpose of this review, I would like you to do something first: think about any time that you were going through some form of illness or body pain. What was the first course of action that came to your mind? What did your conscience suggest you do first to treat that illness or pain?

A majority of people who are asked this question have the same answer: they would start scanning through their medicine cabinet for any medication that would be a quick fix for their problem. Even though modern medicine has proven to be effective as far as instant relief is concerned, nobody really thinks about the long terms effects of ingesting medication for every single problem.

Any form of modern medication is basically a chemical, which is why every person must be cautious about taking medication all the time. So, if you were to decrease the amount of medication you take, how would you go about healing those illnesses or pains? Is there an alternate solution? Fortunately, the answer to that question is yes!

What About The Days of Yore?

Every time we reach for those pills that we think are so crucial to our survival, we fail to ask ourselves one simple question: how did humans survive before the invention of modern medicine? Well, before pharmaceutical companies came up with all the fancy medications that we use today, people used to use the remedies provided by nature. And guess what? Natural remedies always proved to be safe and effective.

If you ask any of the senior citizen members of your family, they will tell you how they used to have books with lists of many different remedies that helped treat even the most stubborn health issues! Even though we may not have such books passed down from generation to generation in our families, we now do have The Lost Book of Remedies by Claude Davis.

Natural Medicine is Science too

For years, I had been hearing about the benefits of substituting modern medicine with natural remedies, but never took it that seriously. I had always thought that only the amazing advancements taking place in the field of pharmaceuticals would prove to be advance human life.

I never really analyzed just how much medication I intake on a regular basis, or think about how much money I spend on these medications. A day after my very dear brother passed away, I actually sat down and thought about it, I realized that it cannot be safe to ingest as much medication as I consume. Not just that, I also realized that just by giving up medication, I could save a whole bunch of money as well! This is when I came across “The Lost Book of Remedies”, right about the time I decided to change my lifestyle and food habits.

Changing Your Outlook Towards Medicine

As an individual who has read this Ebook, I can guarantee you that it will change the way you think about medicine. Other than the fact that I had heard of medicinal plants in the past, I was never aware of how useful they actually are, and how easily they can be grown in your own backyard. All these years, I had been worrying about restocking my medicine cabinet on a regular basis, that I failed to realize that I actually had space in my backyard to plant a whole bunch of medicinal herbs.

After reading this book, I realized just how much use I could actually get out of the unused land I had in my backyard. All of a sudden, I started thinking about how I could start becoming more self-sufficient, at least in terms of natural remedies I would need in order to treat any health issues I would face in the future. Once I read this book, I realized that I could create my own magical potions using the plants and herbs that I would grow in my own backyard!

How you will benefit from this book

If you are thinking about buying this book, here are just a few of the benefits that you could enjoy from doing so:

  • It talks about a whole bunch of medicinal plants. Even though you may think that you have heard a lot about medicinal plants in the past, you are guaranteed to learn a lot of new information about this topic once you are done reading this book.
  • Once you learn about all the different plants discussed in this book and how they could be beneficial to you, you will also learn about how to plant them, so that you can use them whenever you need.
  • Once you have various medicinal plants ready for your use in your backyard, or wherever you chose to plant them, this book will also teach you about all the natural remedies that you can use for health issues such as a common cold, asthma etc.
  • Apart from having a bunch of natural remedies ready to be used whenever you may need them, this book also contains many helpful remedies that will help you detoxify your body from all the medication that you may have taken over the years. Trust me, this was one of the most beneficial things I was able to learn from this book. After doing this, I feel a lot more healthy and cleansed.


For anybody thinking that modern medicine is much more effective than natural remedies, I would suggest that they consider the long-term effects instead of focusing only on short-term relief many of the drugs provide. Investing time to learn and incorporate natural medicine is very beneficial to your health, and it also helps you keep in touch with mother nature at the same time. Sounds like a win-win situation to me! Interested? Here is a good offer!